Our Products are available in the ‘Doggylicous’ brand and include Shampoos , Conditioners and Fragrances


Doggylicious Shampoos:

Jellylicious Shampoo: Shampoo designed to detangle the fur and aid the grooming process

Strawberrylicious Shampoo: Shampoo with extra moisturizers to help dogs with dry skin/coats

Beebeelicious Shampoo: Shampoo with the beautiful scent of Baby fresh , kind to the skin

Doggylicious Conditioners:

Bananalicious conditioner: Aids detanglement of the coat and aids the grooming process

Vanillalicious conditioner: Aids to keep the coat matt free and provides a glossy sheen

Chocolicious conditioner: For all those chocolate lovers out there , smells devine and helps to keep the coat silky and shiny .

Doggylicious Fragrances:

Beebee : Beautiful Baby scent helps to keep the dog smelling beautiful , even when wet

BerryLicious : Hint of a scent of berries , gives warmth and depth to your dog’s natural scents

Applelicious : The scent of Apples makes you think of those Autumnal days walking with the dog with antibacterial properties

Lemonlicious : Lemon’s natural cleansing and antiseptic properties helps to promote wellbeing
and deoderisation.

Rockylicious : For those manly dudes out there !Contains hints of cinnamon , coconut and chocolate absolutely devine ..


All our products are kind to animals and natural oil based